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Executive Nomination Form

This nomination form is provided to the membership on behalf of our unit’s elections chair. All submittals of this form are sent to the elections chair at

Nominees for executive positions of the Windsor-Essex Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit must be members of the bargaining unit, and must be nominated by two (2) members of the bargaining unit. Please provide email addresses of the nominee and the nominators as the elections chair is required to contact each nominee and nominator to confirm their consent.

After confirming a nomination, the elections chair will ask each nominee to provide a personal photo and the following information:

  • An outline of the nominee’s past involvement in OECTA (providing dates by years)
  • The nominee’s reason for seeking election to the particular Executive office
  • Contact information to allow members with inquiries to contact them

Nomination Form for WEOT Executive

  • Enter the name of the nominee seeking election.
  • Enter the nominee's email address.
  • Enter the position the nominee is being nominated for.
  • Enter the name of one nominator.
  • Enter the email address of the first nominator.
  • Enter the name of a second nominator.
  • Enter the email address of the second nominator.