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WEOT Service Award Nomination Form

The OECTA Windsor-Essex Occasional Teachers’ Service Award shall be awarded annually to a distinguished member of the bargaining unit in recognition of outstanding contributions to the membership for the betterment of the Windsor-Essex Occasional Teachers’ bargaining unit as a whole.

Any member of WEOT may forward a name of a nominee to the Awards Committee.

The nominee must be a current member of WEOT at the time of his or her nomination.

Nominations must be received by April 30.

Nomination Form - WEOT Service Award

  • List the contributions the nominee has made to the OECTA Windsor-Essex Occasional Teachers' bargaining unit. The contributions could be assisting the membership, serving on the unit executive, serving on the collective bargaining team, being a member of a local committee, being a member of a provincial committee, etc.
  • List any references that the Awards Committee may contact to better evaluate the Nominee's application. Please note: the Awards Committee will not contact any reference without first getting the permission of the Nominee.