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OT of the Year Nomination Form

The Occasional Teacher of the Year Award shall be awarded annually to a distinguished member of the bargaining unit in recognition of outstanding contributions to teaching, including personal professional growth, creativity in the classroom, professional interaction with staff and students, and involvement in school, community and parish.

Any employee of the WECDSB may forward a name of a nominee to the Awards Committee.

The nominee must be a current member of WEOT at the time of his or her nomination.

Nominations must be received by April 30.

If you are unsure of the Nominee’s activities in any of the non-required fields on the nomination form, you may leave that field blank.

Nomination Form - Occasional Teacher of the Year Award

  • Briefly describe the Nominee's contributions to education in Catholic schools. You may include comments about the Nominee's creativity in the classroom, teaching style, subject knowledge, leadership skills, commitment to student learning, etc.
  • Comment on the Nominee's recent professional growth, such as, AQ courses completed, PD sessions attended, workshops attended, etc.
  • Briefly describe the Nominee's interaction with students and staff.
  • Describe the Nominee's involvement in schools. This may include extra-curricular activities, subject associations, etc.
  • Describe the Nominee's involvement in their parish and community.
  • List any references that the Awards Committee may contact to better evaluate the Nominee's application. Please note: the Awards Committee will not contact any reference without first getting the permission of the Nominee.