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WEOT AGM Resolutions Form

Members of WEOT can submit resolutions to our Annual General Meeting (May 31, 2018) using the form on this page. Resolutions must be submitted by Monday, May 21, 2018 in order to provide the membership with proper notice as per our local handbook articles 22 and 33.1. Resolutions generally seek to amend, delete, or add new language to our local handbook. Resolutions can also provide direction to the executive; these resolutions are called action directives. If a member needs help filling out this form or crafting a resolution, they can contact Leslie Boutet at 519-915-2229 or by email at Here are some sample resolutions:

Resolution Type: By-Law
Handbook Reference: 11.2
Resolution: That By-Law, Unit Organization, Duties of the Unit Executive, 11.2, be amended by deletion of “six (6)” and insertion of “twelve (12)”.
It Would Then Read: to hold at least twelve (12) executive meetings each year and additional meetings as required;
Rationale: The executive should meet at least once every month.

Resolution Type: Procedure
Handbook Reference: 31
Resolution: That Procedure, Expenses, 31, be amended by deletion.
Rationale: There should not be a time limit for submitting expenses.

Resolution Type: Action Directive
Handbook Reference: New
Resolution: That WEOT lobby the provincial government for an expedited arbitration process.
Rationale: Currently, grievances take many years to be heard, an expedited arbitration process will speed up the resolution of grievances.


Local AGM Resolutions Form

  • Enter your name
  • Enter the name of another member who approves of this resolution
    State if this resolution deals with a by-law, procedure or is a new action directive
  • List the number of the existing by-law or procedure that is being amended or write "New" if this is a new by-law, procedure or action directive.
  • Write the text of the resolution
  • If this resolution is an amendment to existing handbook language, write the handbook language as it would appear if the resolution is carried
  • State the reason why this resolution is being brought to the AGM